Zoltán Barta

Behavioural ecologist and evolutionary biologist.
University of Debrecen, Hungary

Contact details

Department of Evolutionary ZoologyUniversity of DebrecenDebrecen,

H-4032, Hungary

Phone: +36 52 316 666 ext. 2334, Fax: +36 52 512 941,

Email: barta.zoltan (at) science dot unideb dot hu

About me

I am a Professor of Biology at the University of Debrecen and currently serve as Head of the Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Director of the Institute of Biology and Ecology. I am a member of Academia Europaea. I have a wide ranging interest from social foraging, through parental care and cooperation to state-dependent life history theory. Through my research I try to combine theoretical and empirical approaches. Currently, my work focuses on social organisation of bird flocks, gene expression regulation of parental care in a new model system, the Lethrus apterus beetle and theoretical investigation of parental care concentrating the origin of sex role differences. I have completed several postdoctoral fellowships at abroad.

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