Hungarian Patristic Society


Program of the 10th Groningen–Budapest Apocryphal Literature Conference in Budapest (Ráday College)

14–16 April, 2005

Wednesday, 14th


19:00   Opening dinner at a restaurant

Thursday, 15th

8:00–8:45        Breakfast

9:00–9:20        Opening remarks from the Dean of the Faculty and János Bolyki

9:20–10:00      Jan Bremmer

10:00–10:40    Geurt Genk van Kooten

10:40-11:00     Coffee

11:00-11:40     Imre Peres

11:40-12:20     Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta

12:20-13:20     Lunch

13:20-14:00     Gerard Luttikhuizen

14:00-14:40     István Chachesz

14:40-15:00     Coffee

15:00-15:40     Árpád Galsi

15:40-16:20     Danny Praet

16:20-17:00     Albert Hoogeterp

18:30               Dinner at Tamás Adamik’s Place

Friday, 16th

8:00–8:45        Breakfast

9:00–9:40        Tamás Adamik

9:40–10:20      Jacques van Ruiten

10:20–10:40    Coffee

10:40–11:20    Ottó Pecsuk

11:20–12:00    Ton Hilhorst

12:00–12:40    Gábor Kendeffy

Closing Reemarks from the Participants

13:00–14:00    Lunch

Afternoon        Departures


Tamás Adamik (ELTE, Budapest) „Figures of Speech and Reason in the Recognitions”

Danny Praet (Belgium) „Sexuality and Spiritual Seduction in the Pseudo–Clementines”

Árpád Galsi (KGRE, Budapest) „Questions of the James Narrative in the Recognitions”

Ottó Pecsuk (KGRE, Budapest) „A Truly Pauline Concept? Righteousness Terminology in the Pseudo–Clementines”

Jacques van Ruiten (Groningen) The Jewish Background of Pseudo-Clementine's Homilies and Recognitions

Gerard Luttikhuizen (Groningen) “The Pseudo-Clementine Solution to Problem Passages in Jewish Scripture”

Jan Bremmer (Groningen) “ Two foolish Egyptians in the Pseudo-Clementines”

Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta (Córdoba) The so-called Orphic Cosmogonies in the Pseudo-Clementines. Textual Relationship, Character, and Sources

Geurt Genk van Kooten (Groningen): Criticism of Temple Worship and Animal Sacrifice in Pseudo-Clement's Recognitiones 1.54-65

Istvan Czachesz (Groningen-Budapest): “ The Clement Romance: Is It a Novel?”

Albert Hoogeterp (Groningen): “ Proclaiming the gospel in the Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions. Oral transmission of gospel traditions in the Recognitions”

Ton Hilhorst (Groningen): “ The Recognitions and the Legenda Aurea”

Gábor Kendeffy (KGRE, Budapest): “Hellenistic Philosophy and the Pseudo-Clementines”

János Bolyki (KGRE, Budapest): “The Concept of Syzigos in the Pseudo-Clementines”

Imre Peres (Komarom):  „ Jesu Tradition  in den Pseudoklementinen“