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Welcome to the homepage of the Hungarian Patristic Society!

The Society was founded on 22nd June 2001 in Kecskemét, by 53 participants of the “First Hungarian Conference on Ancient Christianity.” According to the constitution, the goal of the Society is “to promote academic research into the doctrine of the Church Fathers, and in general in the history, literary and material culture of Ancient Christianity, and to publicise the knowledge before a wider general public. The scope of the activities involves the study of the early Christian church, and its social history, theology and philosophy, liturgy, art, literature and music, inquiry in the relations of ancient Christianity to other religions, in its aftermath and history of reception. The Society aims at coordinating research performed in the fields named above and offers an academic forum for them. Its prominent goal is to make known the work of Christian writers of Antiquity through translations of a high standard.”

Current events:


 XIVth Conference  26th-28th June 2014


Debrecen-Nyíregyháza section

Studia Patrum vol 1. (2003)
Studia Patrum vol 2. (2007)
Studia Patrum vol. 3 (2010)
Studia Patrum vol 4 (2012)
Studia Patrum vol 5 (2014)
Studia Patrum vol 6
Studia Patrum vol 7

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