Who am I?

Hello I am Ádám Z. Lendvai, currently associate professor in Evolutionary Biology at the Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology in University of Debrecen (Hungary). I study animal behaviour and life-history, and my special field of interest is evolutionary ecology and physiology of birds (and not the cattle). 

Scientific experience

My official experiences started with the research at Tuzla, Southern Turkey, where I worked on my master thesis. In 2001, I spent 5 months as a research fellow at the University of Bath  (supervisors: Tamás Székely and Innes C. Cuthill).

In 2001, I started my PhD and the work on house sparrows under the supervision of András Liker and Zoltán Barta. From 2005-2007 I was a post-doc at the Centre d'Etudes Biologique de Chizé in France, where I investigated the hormonal basis of life history trade-offs in house sparrows, in cooperation with Olivier Chastel. I held my first academic position at the Institute of Biology, College or Nyíregyháza as a lecturer. Then I spent two years at the Dept. of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech as a research scientist collaborating with PIs Fran Bonier, Ignacio Moore, Mark Haussmann, and postdocs Jenny Ouyang, Ça?lar Akçay. In September 2014, I moved back to Hungary, where I am currently associate professor. 

Other professional activities

I'm currently associate editor in the ornithological journal, The Auk and in BMC Zoology.  Recently I organized a workshop on the evolution of physiological mechanisms shaping life-histories. I co-founded and organized the series of the Hungarian Conservation Biological Conferences (HCBC) that has been the largest regularly held conference in conservation biology in Hungary.